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Family Expectations

Each family is required to be a member of the Home and School Association. As a member each family is expected to support the efforts of the HSA through volunteering and the payment of annual membership dues. Each family will be responsible for a $300.00 assessment.


To help fund our events each family is required to pay a $20.00 annual membership which is deducted from your $300.00 family assessment. The $20.00 dues are due by October 15th.

After your $20.00 dues are paid, your balance will be $280.00 or 28 hours. For each hour you volunteer you will earn a “Banked Hour”. Each Banked Hour earned will deduct $10.00 from your $280.00 assessment balance. All 28 hours will be required to be completed by April 30th. Any hours not completed will be billed to the family on May 1st.

Any events that occur after April 30th will be counted towards the following school year. Any family that has not paid their annual assessment by May 15th will not be able to attend HSA sponsored events (i.e. 8th grade dinner, Field trips, etc.)

Banked Hours will be posted in the office and online for your review. It will be the parent’s responsibility to periodically review these hours. To view your own hours, you must log into your account.


The fundraising Buy-Out will fulfill your HSA assessment obligation. You can choose to pay your dues in one or two installments. If you choose one installment, the Due date for the $300.00 is on or before October 15th. If you choose to pay in two installments, the assessment due dates will be $150.00 on or before October 15th and $150.00 on or before January 1st.