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Student Life

St. Stanislaus School has numerous opportunities for students to use their gifts and talents outside of the classroom. These programs include:

Athletics – Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading (Visit our Athletics page by clicking here)

I participate in soccer. The best thing about it is getting to learn how to work as a team and meeting kids from other Catholic schools in friendly competition. – Grade 8 student

I do cheerleading because we learn stunts and cheers that we cheer at the basketball games. – Grade 7 student

 Band – Classes offered during school hours

I love band. You get to learn how to play an instrument. – Grade 8 student

Chime Choir: Click here to watch our Cool School video about our Chime Choir

We are the best people. We are the only middle school that has the chime choir. We are like a family. – Grade 6 student

Drama – Students participate with Meriden Catholic schools to put on a city-wide production. This year’s production is Dear Edwina Junior. There is also a school drama program, starting in January.

I do drama and play soccer because I love acting and I live and breath soccer. – Grade 6 student